Vinayak says whatt???

He writes to them, to write to himself.


Author : Vinayak Sharma

Very kind of you!

Today's morning came to me in its own terrors, I was sipping morning tea, when I switched on the TV, to know about the Orlando tragedy. I was shaken to my nerves, and felt disgusted at the very thought of... Continue Reading →


From an Ex-Father to a Would be.

I cannot contact you, I am not authorized enough, yea, the court would sue me if I do. So, I am not gonna call you. So hey man, this is the father of the children you're going to live with,... Continue Reading →


"Are you there?"..I ask rather impatiently, and with terror. I had already caller her 23 times, she didn't pick. I was aware that something's wrong, but chose to move my mind away from what was my mind thinking... as I... Continue Reading →

Are my words greater than me?

This post is what I'm feeling right now, what I'm going through right now, and that too with agony and gnaw. With each and every word dwelling into you, maybe you'll understand me, or would never look for me in... Continue Reading →

Do you mind a ‘Soul Exchange’?

Without an idea today, I sat next to the table. With a stare on some old wine, And the words, that today are not payable. Poured a glass down, with a pen in my hand, The music felt disturbing, if... Continue Reading →

She’s Just A Friend!!

"They do not love us, darling." I said to the crying girl beside. Filled with innocence, and love. She cried for the man she loved. Long gone, and too misguided,maybe. He went to live within his dreams, and his life.... Continue Reading →

Know Me, and Know You!

Okay, here I am, starting my first blog! An INDIAN, 12th-standard guy who has been stuck in sciences, but wishes to follow poetry. This feels like there's a long way to go, and feels like I am finally, on the... Continue Reading →

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