We came back home from a hectic day,                                                             I threw my coat on the couch that had ten other garments already on it,
You coughed and I pointed towards the syrup on the table,
You shrugged off, and I did not insist.
Although I was sad enough today too to let you know that I care,
But Like always too lazy of always being behind you to do things. I’ve given that up now. I cannot always, right.
You said you feel like sleeping, I couldn’t kiss you then, your breath smelled like peach juice and I hate that,
You stopped maybe for a hug or something, I waved a goodnight, with one hand switching ON television.
You looked so bummed and bored of me,
I cannot help but I’m always annoyed by you, by your presence,
You came back wearing your night suit and slippers, I love your hair when you let them down, but I hate to admit it again, while you say nothing in praise of me.
I did apply for a divorce but I don’t know if we’ve forgotten about it,
My lawyer laughs at me everytime at me like I’m cracking a joke, and then his expressions turn into pity when he realises I’m not.
Your scent was gone till now, and you leaned to grab the remote to turn the channel to some cookery show, I sarcastically smiled, as you’ve learnt nothing from it, You saw my smirk, hit me with a cushion,
Ting tong, the bell rings, “Honey would you get that please?”
“I sure will.”, I said.                       “Here you go, Sir.”                     “Thank you, it’s 800 here please, It’s our anniversary today.”, I smiled.                                               “Oh, wish mam from my side.”
“Ah, do it yourself, Honey?”
“Happy anni…versary ma’am, Where is she?”
“You better get new glasses man”
He looked perplexed and gave me a look which is alike what my lawyer gives, and my friends do, Like the lady who lives opposite to me does, I don’t know, they all need glasses. “Haha, Happy Anniversary.”
“I thought you forgot.”
“I can never forget anything about you.”
After some time,
Again Repeating myself, in the mirror,
2 a.m. in the morning, a beer bottle in one hand,
Calling out to myself, “Please forget her.”