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You kept pushing me away, and I kept refusing giving up, and that’s pretty much our story!
I’m like a speck of dust, stuck on your name written on the walls of Beauty. The walls gets tainted, I keep refusing giving up. They tell me to go on, get over, but it’s hard to make them understand that when they were not there, when the sky fell apart, the winds didn’t move, the glasses had not been broken, or the mountains were not seen, Then too, I loved you.
So, what has happened now, that I stop?
Just that I’m broke, or the dreams no longer reside in my heart, or that alcohol tastes so bad and brutal, or that youth never seemed more pathetic, what is it now, that I stop?
And like a wave which keeps getting to you, the land, but the sea gives me little chance to stay with you, to feel your sand, maybe that’s why, the sand fortes break so easily but look so enormously beautiful, and the sea looks fine, but is often the most dangerous place in the world.
Much like my love, much like our love.
But they often tell me to be passionate, to be dedicated for the things I love, I really live for, I really count as mine.
But also when I question them, what If despite being so passionate, I cannot possess them, I often find them lost, find those eyes confused and clueless, and my darling, I swear I could see you in those eyes. Hiding behind those eyelids, covering sorrows with mascara and dark circles.
And I cannot see why are they telling me to stop now? Why now?
Is it that I run a little extra to get used to this wind, to this catastrophe, but seldom, I am able to completely get out. Much like my love, much like our love.
On the other hand, you seem so vibrant, so majestic, who doesn’t let that heart beat behind those folded arms, and I still wait for them to be open to welcome a hug, welcome me to wrap themselves around me, and I bet every week with my heart, that maybe this weekend, they will open up, but maybe the arms have become so stiff being closed, that they have forgotten the pleasure to be open again, much like my love, much like our love.
I have been losing these bets since a long time, so why stop now? Why now?