Today’s morning came to me in its own terrors, I was sipping morning tea, when I switched on the TV, to know about the Orlando tragedy. I was shaken to my nerves, and felt disgusted at the very thought of it.
To people, who cannot figure what I’m talking about, here’s the news : In Orlando, Florida, a gay nightclub was attacked and 49 innocent people lost their lives, many are struggling, and many are struck by horror they had to face.
And what was their crime? Their crime was their identity. Their crime was to go out of the boundations this world carries with it, their crime was to party like any other person on earth, and call themselves gay.
Just this! JUSTICE?
I live in a country where also, LGBTQ community is still looked in a degraded way, not only them, even the heterosexual people who display their love in public are not tolerated.
I live in a country where your caste determines if you can marry to the love of your life, and also, a country where young lovers are killed more often that any other country, Honour Killings.
And yet I’d say, I’m proud of my country, INDIA.
Proud because? Because we are changing, we are evolving, while some other terrorists groups are going backwards. And nothing matters if the youth of the country is developing, have new mindsets, want to bring a change, and I see that in myself and my country’s youth.
I am not here praising my nation,  just telling despite having so many loop holes, orthodox thinkers, conservatives families, we are changing, and we are changing for good, we are fighting for our country’s pride, and also for LGBTQ rights.
We are revolting against, and we are watching the change.
We do not know if this is going to lead us to the best results, or the most peaceful era, but we do know that this issue needs our attention, and we are doing that only.

Coming back to the devastating tragedy, I suppose, I think, Mr. TERRORISM, its very kind of you!
very kind of you to let us know that we are not safe, very kind of you to let us know that we still need to evacuate insects like you.
We still need to punch you right in the nuts to let you know that however evil you do, we will strong firm as we can, and we will find you, and we will demolish you.
Keep hiding, keep serving your ideals, keep manifesting things that do not need to be there, keep shooting missiles at our homes, in our cities, bombing our buildings, killing our civilians, but we will never be afraid of you.
Its also very kind of you to let us know, that this community we have been thinking do not need our concern anymore, need it.
We are hell fucked up at the thought of you, and each one of us want to piss at the very face of you.
I’m here writing this,
And somewhere, someone would not care a freckle about what happened, and someone would be wishing that his son or daughter do not grow to become homosexual, and someone would be fighting to his last breath to grant the rights to the community that deserves it, BE THAT!
Be a part of the change you want to see, and not comfort yourself with the easy, pretty yet incomplete lives we have been living.

And anyone who would be reading it, I want to just request that please, please, do not frame Muslims as the culprits of any tragedy.
It is a group that has been wanting a kick in the ass, and not the whole religion.
It is an infected, ugly, nasty, perilous group that needs to be swallowed alive by our forces, and not the whole community.
Islam is a beautiful and peace loving culture, please do not defame it by alleging them to be the culprits, which in the process makes them the victims of our hate.
Open up your minds! And do what needs to be done!
Strength to the survivors of any hatred ever pushed upon them.
Strength to the families of the victims of any hatred that ever was pushed upon them.
Its time we grow up!