“They do not love us, darling.”
I said to the crying girl beside. Filled with innocence, and love. She cried for the man she loved. Long gone, and too misguided,maybe. He went to live within his dreams, and his life. With the photo torn apart, and a heart long dug deep, he went to leave me with this oh so pretty, and oh so melancholic lady. She rubbed her nose using my shirt as I sat by. With sunrises, I once saw in the eyes of this friend of mine, have turned into shooting stars. And with a misaligned fate, she was mine to take care of. She held me with the wet hands, after she wiped my tears off, and sat with her head on my shoulder.
As she dozed off to sleep, I, a depressed, and young, bearded man, cried like a young teen girl. The difference, was, they looked ultra cute, and I was having the fair realisation that I hate my crying face. There is this girl now, and there was that girl then, who went like a thunderstorm, evacuating my all happiness, and leaving me so useless. Prior to what she said, she went. She,only like that man, promised of never leaving. In the smokes, and in the course of turning into smoke, I smoked that night a whole packet.
She coughed and woke up. Threw the cigarettes away. Hugged me as my bones started to regain shape, and my heart began to fix. I lied, and I said, “I forgot her”, she pinched me on my back, and kissed me on the right cheek. “Liar”, she stated. And about those arms, I promise, I can write novels on them. The comfort, and the peace. We were maybe, just a kiss away from forgetting them.
“I do not want to forget him.”
I looked at her, and felt how stubborn she can be, I looked at my hands, moved away from her back, to know how reluctant I am.
“But they do not love us”, I said, with anger and frustration. “I know”, her calmness dragged me to sleep, still in love. She’s just a friend!