Okay, here I am, starting my first blog! An INDIAN, 12th-standard guy who has been stuck in sciences, but wishes to follow poetry.
This feels like there’s a long way to go, and feels like I am finally, on the right track. My writings, however good or bad they are, would finally reach to real people.
So, there have been my certain friends who have been poking me to start a blog. they like whatever I write, and maybe they think you’ll like it too.
That’s what they think, but that’s what I hope. I write whatever I feel like, some actually related to my life, and most related to my uncountable dreams and fantasies. But then I think, what’s special about me? Maybe nothing. Or maybe that I could successfully comprehend what I think, on sheets, or maybe that there have been many things that I wanted to say or tell or shout, but couldn’t. And that is why my most writings actually are relatable to most people. That’s why they like it, that’s why they think there’s some ‘them’ in the writings.
Whatever it is, I am happy that my efforts do not go waste! I am happy that people actually like it. That whatever I am writing, if do not reach out to thousands, what I dream to, reaches plenty. On top of it, reaches their heart, or reaches their soul. Reaches their gut, or reaches if possible, their whole. If only, people gain goosebumps, if only people get inspired and also start writing, but oh, I hope they do not. I prefer to be special, in some things(joking!). Or reaches the one, they have been struggling and meaning to tell what all they feel terrible about. What all they feel guilty, or shy about. What all they feel happy, or angry about. What all they feel zeal, or depressed about. What all they feel when they are not able to sleep at nights, or what all they feel in the morning bright, what all they feel that they could undo, or what all they feel about the best thing happened to them. People are full of secrets. We certainly, do not know what’s inside of them, we only know how they portray it. My target would be achieved, if people would fearlessly say anything they want to, not to me, not to their friends, their family, but sometimes, only to themselves. Half of us, have been troubled as we do not know to what depths, or heights we can go. I strive to know myself, and in the course, I aim that you too start to know yourself. Start to analyze where you lack, or start to scrutinize where you excel. What all you have been trying hard to possess, or what all you have trying hard to achieve. What all we barely tolerate, and what all we can give our lives to. I maybe, wrote it only to myself, as I myself do not know myself(Too many myselfs).
Engage yourself to it when you read this, so maybe you could realise that what has been your biggest blunder is to never have tried to look in the mirror. Look deep in ourselves, and to play with our devils and angels.
I think this has been much for today, maybe, this has been a lot for myself to feel, to realise. I would hault my therapy of knowing ourselves, and leave you to actually trying it.
I’ll be back with some more feels. 🙂
Keep waiting.