Vinayak says whatt???

He writes to them, to write to himself.

For the arts.

1. I take three lines of my every poem and relate them with you, I'm only left with this much to give you. I'm not a miser, I'm just done. 2. I look at the door of my balcony opening... Continue Reading →



" La vie en rose ", she'd sing. The subject of this text is not how things shape up, or how dreams are deferred, or anywhere closely related to market risks. It is independent of things and surpasses boundaries, it... Continue Reading →

I hope this counts as Love!

Love is a paradox, they love you, and then they hate you. It is a fucking time wasting emotion inducing phenomenon that we do not want, but need. We all want to live by someone, and also would be okay... Continue Reading →

A scenic beauty!

  "And what a world it'd be if we didn't carry the burden of our past!" "Hah, what must be your baggage?" "I was a traveller in my previous life and now I cannot even buy a ticket to Munich... Continue Reading →

“Define me?”

"Define me?" "A part of me?" "Why not whole?" Well, a part of me still considers it a dream, and a part of me knows it has ended. I'm no more a part of you, like you would say, and... Continue Reading →

Rachel to my Joey…

Dear long gone lover, I'm sitting in a cab right now during these hours of surge pricing, and it suddenly jolted, I think the signals were broke, and I remembered how you detested surge pricing. Amongst the things you used... Continue Reading →

Read me cause you can’t see me.

We came back home from a hectic day,                                                             I threw my... Continue Reading →

Triggered Romance!

  You kept pushing me away, and I kept refusing giving up, and that's pretty much our story! I'm like a speck of dust, stuck on your name written on the walls of Beauty. The walls gets tainted, I keep... Continue Reading →


I read about you somewhere, somewhere where you are not supposed to be read. I didn't misread or mistook your name, no. It's certainly not that. It's more like I fantasized about you, but in a book? A novel? That... Continue Reading →

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